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Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the key words at JAI and this key word defines/describes the parts as well as the employees producing them. The quality assurance of the single part happens in close cooperation with the customer, in order to secure the best conditions for 0 defects in the continuous batch production.
In order to secure and maintain the quality level agreed with the customer, we prepare production instructions for all parts based on: the homogeneity of the material, function critical dimensions and visual finish level of the single part. In order to verify the demands for the parts different kind of techniques are used at each production process.
In the casting process the content of elements in the aluminium is analysed and the inner homogeneity in the part is analysed through x-ray. At the other processes we verify the machanical qualities through test bars, SPC measuring, 3D measuring at continuous process measuring and leak detection of the parts with air / helium.
JAI is accredited to prepare 3.1 certificates.