Business Strategy

JAI focuses on the customers’ demands, and acts as key supplier for customers demanding development, design, prototypes and current delivery of primarily machined aluminium castings combined with product optimization, advice on cost effectiveness, and complete logistics solutions. JAI focuses on customers requiring a high competence level and, accordingly, cooperation with a Solution Partner for delivery directly to the customer’s assembly line in requested quality and in due time, as aluminium castings are regarded critical components in the customers’ installations and products.


Industry and customer focus


Trucks, busses, off-highway, motorbikes, and e-mobility


Gas insulated plants, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, other special segments within high-voltage (GIL, compensators, etc.)

Pump systems

Hydraulic pumps, waste water pumps


Engine components, parts for maritime drive systems


Parts for robots


Product-/process focus

JAI focuses on delivery of finished products with a high degree of processing and automation – directly to the customer’s assembly line including machining, heat treatment, assembly, welding and welding constructions, surface treatment and extended quality control in form of material certificates, X-ray, penetration test, leak detection, etc.

Geographical focus

JAI delivers directly to the customers’ production platforms worldwide, however, with primary focus on customers with head office in Europe.