Our processes


Jydsk Aluminium Industri has more than 20 robots installed (January 2018), used for core manufacture, gravity die casting, fettling, CNC machining cells, etc. We have in-house technical staff members for mounting, programming and optimizing the robots – thereby ensuring the necessary flexibility and know-how.


JAI has more than 25 years’ experience with casting simulation. For simulation of the gravity die casting process in the quotation- and project stage we use Magma-software. Thereby the part is optimized before serial production in respect of porosities, pressure tightness, mechanical properties, optimal tool technology draft and optimal project phase, and optimizations to prevent deformations of the part (stress simulation).

Sand cores (coldbox)

Sand cores are positioned in the permanent mould, before aluminium is poured into the mould. Thereby a cavity of more or less complex design is created.

Jydsk Aluminium Industri produce our sand cores in semi- or fully automatic ColdBox core shooting machines. JAI has great experience in very complex and very large cores, typically produced by assembling more sand cores into one complex sand core or by shooting a larger sand core around one or more small sand cores. After production of the finished core/core package, hardening and typically also coating hereof take place. The coating optimizes the surface quality of the aluminium part and simplifies decoring with optimal surface quality.

Melting & metal treatment

JAI has more than 3 melting plants with a total capacity of 4 tons per hour.

The aluminium melt is refined in order to obtain the requested properties and the correct gravity die casting quality. The melt is constantly controlled and analysed to ensure the correct alloy quality in the entire process from melting, transport of the melt, holding furnaces, to the casting process.

Our standard alloys are:

  • AlSi7Mg En AC-42100 (blue)
  • AlSi10Mg EN AC-43000 (yellow)
  • AlSi12 EN AC-44100 (black)

Heat treatment

12 hardening furnaces by Jydsk Aluminium Industri ensure our fully automatic and barcode controlled heat treatment according to T6 and T64 or according to customer request. The heat treatment contributes to increasing one or more mechanical properties of the aluminium part.

Gravity die casting

JAI has more than 30 gravity die casting machines, i.e. stationary gravity die casting machines, semi-manual and fully automated tilt gravity die casting cells with integrated decoring.


During the running-in phase the casting quality is ensured by X-ray control.

JAI continuously carries out X-ray control of the production batches according to specific customer requirements.

Our X-Ray machine is a digital 14 bit X-ray system with CT function and 225 kV X-ray tubes. Parts up to max. 1500 mm can be analyzed in the machine.


JAI has more than 21 CNC machining cells – i.a. turning-, turning/milling machines as well as horizontal-, vertical- and 5-axis CNC machines.

Robots are used for feeding/removal CNC machine and deburring, integrated in the machining plant incl. washing and SPC control.


Degreasing is agreed specifically for the specific project according to the customer’s cleanliness requirements.

Typically, JAI carries out alkaline degreasing prior to delivery.

Pressure testing - Leak testing

JAI has 18 pressure testing plants operating with different pressure test procedures:

Pressure testing - leak testing with helium

JAI offers pressure testing with air up to 25 bars and subsequent leak testing with helium up to 17 bars.

Leak testing with helium

JAI offers leak testing by vacuum with helium.

Drop of pressure

Drop of pressure is carried through with air according to the leakage rate agreed with the customer.

Pressure testing with air under water/the bubble method

The part is filled with air (up to 3 bars) and lowered into water in order to identify possible leakages (bubbles indicate leakages).


JAI has great experience in purchase and assembly of mounting parts according to customer request.

Welding of aluminium products

JAI offers development and production of complete units as a combination of gravity die casted parts on welded plates or profiles, or robotic welding of more gravity die casted parts.

  • Robotic welding by the TIG- and MIG-/MAG method
  • Leak testing of the finished units with helium

Surface treatment

JAI offers various types of surface treatment of the parts:


  • Alkaline degreasing
  • Clear chromation (Chrome 3)
  • Chrome-free chromation 
  • Shot blasting (primarily stainless medium)

Surface treatment

  • Powder coating
  • Whirl sintering (Rilsan)
  • Water-based wet coating
  • 2 component wet coating

Anodization 10-20 my