JAI’s values

JAI endeavours to be an attractive place of work motivating, engaging, and developing well-qualified employees. We want to give our employees the opportunity to make a difference and feel like part of the company.

About JAI

JAI is an international company exporting almost the entire turnover.

During recent years we have completed a large organizational development process proving our commitment and persistence to make a cultural change, improving our common performances and results, and ensuring the fulfilment of our values with regard to being a great place to work with high job satisfaction and development opportunities for our employees.


The employees are our most important resource

At JAI we recognize that the employees are our most important resource to ensure JAI’s success, and therefore we make a determined effort to create a motivating working environment attracting and retaining the right employees.

We want employees with high professional-, specialist-, and/or management skills, and it is therefore important to us that our employees want to stay at JAI for many years. Our high employee seniority proves that we succeed. It is therefore important to JAI that personal ambitions and shared goals go hand in hand. We emphasize the importance of professional and personal development as well as our employees’ possibility of utilizing their skills – both in own job function and in other areas.

High job satisfaction is essential to us

We have an informal working environment with an open and honest dialogue as the key element in our daily work.

We often ask for our employees’ opinion in connection with job satisfaction surveys, regular canteen- and department meetings, as well as through a close dialogue between the manager and the employee. Personal development interviews are held annually with all employees.

We know that the working life is only one part of our employees’ life, and therefore we endeavour to create a good balance between work and leisure time, which is both satisfactory and rewarding for the employee and for JAI.


Social activities are given high priority

We believe that employees having fun together and enjoy working and building good relationships with their colleagues also contribute to making good results. Our staff club (Sport & Culture) organizes social activities for employees and their family – e.g. family tours, sports events, and cultural arrangements.

Training and Opportunities

It is important to us that new employees have a good start at JAI. We have therefore established an ”On Boarding” programme for all new employees containing i.a. an individual introduction and training programme for the new employees and preparing them for their new job.

The introduction and training programme is targeted at the individual job function and whether the employee is engaged in production, or in a technical-, sales-, management- or administrative position.

If the employee is engaged in production, we have an in-house training programme, including i.a. casting school, department specific courses in e.g. measuring technique and measuring tools, as well as courses in product- and customer requirements, just as in-house training and person-to-person training is given high priority.

If the employee is engaged in a technical-, sales-, management-, or administrative position he will, in addition to the general introduction, also receive a detailed introduction adapted to the skills necessary for the specific position.

We also use external education allowing the employees to participate in relevant courses. General courses such as e.g. First Aid are currently offered to all employees.

Our employees are offered the following benefits:

  • Payment by result (hourly paid employees)
  • Pension scheme
  • Health insurance
  • Free cold/warm beverages
  • Senior scheme
  • Gifts for jubilees, ”round” birthdays, and other red-letter days
  • Working clothes for production employees
  • Summer and Christmas parties for all employees


Uninvited job applications are most welcome. For staff recruitment, we use an on-line recruiting system. Here you can apply for vacancies or send us an uninvited application. Would you like to be our new colleague, please use the following link:

We only receive and process applications uploaded via our digital application system. Applications sent via e-mail, SMS, etc., will be deleted and, accordingly, not taken into account for vacant positions.

NB: Presently, we do not accept uninvited applications.