Our solutions

Your System Supplier – we add value

Focusing on our customers’ market requirements we develop, in close cooperation with our customers, the part into the most optimal design in respect of casting as well as the subsequent processes such as heat treatment, machining, robotic welding, washing, leak testing, mounting, and surface treatment. In all our processes the level of automation is very high, and thereby an optimal product at low total cost of ownership is ensured - delivered directly to the customer’s assembly line.


1. R&D support

Your Development Partner with unique know-how in gravity die casting and optimal production methods. Jydsk Aluminium Industri assist you in developing products meeting the future demands in the market, and in close co-operation we ensure your growth.

2. Prototypes and Project Management

Shortest possible time from idea to gravity die casting serial production is very important for our customers. Therefore, Jydsk Aluminium Industri deliver prototypes for functional testing and at the same time our Project Managers ensure start of serial production in time.

3. Automated and Flexible production

We have gravity die casting department and machinery equipment for the subsequent processes under one roof. Thereby we have acquired unique know-how in process control and automation in all processes including: gravity die casting, leak testing and robotic welding. This enable us to ensure competitive prices – also for smaller quantities.

4. Flexible logistics solutions

We deliver worldwide to our customers’ assembly line directly, via consignment warehouse, Kanban systems, or other logistics solutions, according to customer request. We currently coordinate in respect of our customers’ forecasts and orders (EDI) enabling us to adapt to varying demands at short notice.