R&D Support

At Jydsk Aluminium Industri new projects are started in close cooperation with our customers by development and optimization – not only of the gravity die cast part but also its interaction with the entire construction, in which the parts is mounted. We deliver prototypes which means that verification of the design can take place together with the preparation for batch production - thereby we support a fast time to market. Our early involvement in the process creates more value for our customers.

Complex parts – freedom of design

We have great expertise in redesigning two or more parts into one – providing considerable savings for our customers. For further complexity, aluminium castings are welded together or castings are combined with extruded parts. Complex inner canal systems are created by casting several sand cores which are assembled into one complex sand core.


High mechanical properties at low weight

Jydsk Aluminium Industri has great know-how in optimization of mechanical properties. By various computer simulations of the casting process, the mechanical properties are optimized and verified prior to the production of the casting tools.

Computerized monitoring and data logging of our casting process as well as heat treatment ensure optimal and stable mechanical properties at serial production.